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Electronic Controls for Filters and Softeners
E Series (AquaMatic 962) Stager Control
E Series Stager Controls combine an AquaMatic stager with an Autotrol 962 series electronic control, mounted and prewired in a NEMA-rated enclosure. The AquaMatic stager is a rotary pilot valve with multiple ports for directing fluid flows to operate various diaphragm valves installed in a water treatment system. AquaMatic stager internal parts are constructed of durable, non-corroding, self-lubricating materials for long, maintenance-free life.

E Series electronic controls provide sophisticated, demand-based water treatment by combining a microprocessor with a flow meter to electronically monitor the amount of water used. Time-based and/or external signal initiation is also available as a standard feature.

This fully programmable series of controls provide the ability to fine-tune the operation to meet the application requirements.

Standard Features

  • Accepts an input from a variety of flow sensors to electronically monitor the amount of water used.
  • Homing operation — The control and stager automatically synchronize to the service position.
  • NEMA 4XFG fiberglass enclosure.
  • 115VAC 50/60Hz and 230VAC 50/60Hz available.
  • Up to 15 programmable timed regeneration cycles are available, programmable from 0 to 255 minutes.
  • Battery backup capable with standard 9-volt battery—battery not included.

Optional Features

  • A dry or powdered contact closure can be provided during a cycle or cycles of operation on all models.
  • A SPDT relay can be added to provide an additional signal during Service/Regeneration (Single Tank and Twin-Alternating units only).

Special Features

  • Memory Retention — During a power outage, critical operating information is stored in memory with no reprogramming required.
  • Capacity Setting Lockout — The control can be programmed to lock the capacity value so it cannot be altered after installation.
  • Operating Histories — Important operating data is stored in memory and is retrievable upon demand. The historical data includes peak flow data as well as average daily usage for each day of the week.
  • US or Metric Units of Measure
  • Multiple Initiation Options
    • Manual regeneration — A separate REGEN button is provided for manual regenerations.
    • Remote regeneration — A set of terminals (with programmable delay) is provided to allow for regeneration to be initiated from a remote location.
    • Calendar override — If the volume of water has not caused a regeneration, the control can be set to regenerate every one to thirty days.
    • Day of the week — Regeneration on a specific day or days of the week with regeneration occurring at a specific time of day (programmable).
    • Volume of water used — With regeneration occurring either immediately or delayed to a specific time of day (programmable).
  • Selectable Reserve Options
    • Fixed reserve — The reserve is fixed at a programmable percentage (30% factory preset) of the total capacity.
    • Variable reserve — The controller monitors the daily water usage and at the programmed time of regeneration, calculates the average water used for each day of the week. The reserve capacity is set to 120% of the average water usage for the next day.
E Series Single Unit Controls
Model Number Description Applications
E948* 962 Control with Model 48, 6-Port Stager Typical Softeners and Filters
E951* 962 Control with Model 51, 8-Port Stager More Complex Softeners and Filters
E Series Multiple Unit Controls
Model Number Description Applications
E958-TB 962 Control with Model 58-TB, 16-Port Stager Twin Alternating Softeners with Timed Brine
E958-TA 962 Control with Model 58-TA, 16-Port Stager Twin Alternating Softeners
E948 962 Control with Model 48, 6-Port Stager Sequential Filters (Backwash Only)
E951 962 Control with Model 51, 8-Port Stager 2 Unit Sequential Filters (Backwash & Rinse)
E958 962 Control with Model 58, 16-Port Stager 3 or 4 Unit Sequential Filters
* Two-tank and three-tank parallel systems can be controlled by individual controls provided with lockout feature (Lockout feature is void when using the added relay output option).
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