Residential Treatment Systems BetterLife™ System 1
Carbon with UV Sterilization
SWT BetterLife System 1
How the system works
    Safe Water Technologies’ BetterLife™ Systems are the flagship of the SWT product line. There are no other water treatment systems available for the whole house that compare.

BetterLife™ System 1 features a computerized controller to meter the water flow for optimal cost savings. The chemical/taste reduction portion of the system utilizes ProActive™ GAC carbon as the primary layer. These carbon units are designed to remove chlorine, taste, odor, and many chemical contaminants from the water stream. The ultraviolet design adds bacteriological safeguards to your water supply.

BetterLife™ System 1 Includes:
•  ProActive™ GAC carbon system
•  10 gpm stainless steel ultraviolet chamber
•  30,000 µw sec/cm² UV dosage
•  Computer controlled and metered valve
•  Manual bypass valve
•  Chlorastick™ pipe sanitizing kit with chlorine test strips
•  Corrosion-free system
BetterLife™ System 1 with UV Sterilization View more specifications
Tank Size
Service Flow Rate Backwash
40% Exp.
@ 50ºF
Size *
Taste, Odor
& Chlorine
BL1L-100 10 x 47 5 GPM 2 GPM 10 GPM 4.1 GPM 3/4" Copper Swet
BL1L-175 12 x 48 10 GPM 4 GPM 10 GPM 4.8 GPM 3/4" Copper Swet
* 1 inch connections and threaded adapters available on request.
International voltages available at additional cost.
Other media substitutions are available. Call for additional information.
Shipping Dimensions (Inches):
     BL1L-100: 17 x 13 x 58 @ 80 lbs.
     BL1L-175: 17 x 13 x 59 @ 115 lbs.
Operating Pressure: 20 to 125 psi
Operating Temperature: 36 to 120ºF (2 to 48.9ºC)
BLS-P 1 Micron, Absolute Post-filter Assembly For Cryptosporidium and Giardia Cyst Removal
BLS-R 10 Micron, Pleated Pre-filter with 20 inch Clear, Bypass Housing — Highly Recommended
    For Rural Applications
BLS-E Instant Start Electronic Ballast, 110V/50-60Hz
BLS-A Controller Board with Lamp Status LED, Audible Alarm, and Solenoid Valve Hook-up
BLS-S Solenoid Valve Assembly — Requires Upgraded Electronic Ballast & Controller Board
Replacement Parts:
IL10001 Ultraviolet Lamp
CF73210 10 Micron Pleated Sediment Cartridge (2.5 x 20 inc Pre-filter)
AH-PPBB201    1 Micron Absolute Pleated Cartridge for Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts (4.5 x 20 inch Post-filter)
APS-CSRA Replacement Chlorastick™ Pipe Sanitizing Module
IT50003 ProActive™ Carbon (20 x 50 Mesh)
IL30001 Quartz Sleeve
UL-118RS Red Silicone O-ring for Quartz Sleeve
EC-LL68 Safety Spring
Warning and Disclaimer: Ultraviolet treatment, chlorinating, or any other form of sanitation of contaminated water, is never a 100% guaranteed for bacteriological free water, but are EPA approved methods of water sanitation which add greatly to protection against waterborne pathogens. Proper ultraviolet sterilization is an instantaneous process which destroys 99.97% of pathogens and leaves no UV residual in the water. Periodic monitoring of the water supply and of the downstream piping system sanitation is recommended to help guard against downstream contamination or accidental contaminated water bypass. Ultraviolet sterilization and/or chlorine, is not recommended and should not be used for cyst treatment.
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Last Updated: September 7, 2022